New Utrecht Church

Project Architect: Kenneth Hewes Barricklo,  Architect P.C.

Project Structural Engineers:

Robert Silman Associates

Michael P. Walsh P.E.

New Utrecht Reformed Church is the fourth oldest Reformed Church in American congregation in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY. The church was established in 1677 in the town of New Utrecht, Brooklyn and is affiliated with the Reformed Church in America, a Protestant denomination. The present church was built in 1828 of stones taken from the original church built in 1700. The church received landmark status in 1966; the parish house and the cemetery received landmark status in 1998. Both the church and the cemetery are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. As part of the ongoing restoration of the New Utrecht Reformed Church, the vaulted ceiling of the sanctuary was removed and completely replaced. Work on the damaged ceiling began in May 2013. The existing plaster ceiling and structural members were removed entirely and an elaborate shoring system installed to support the roof above. Engineered scaffolding was erected to allow the workmen access to the flat and barrel-vaulted areas of the ceiling. A series of 21 foot span curved arch glulam beams were fabricated and installed along with new steel hanger brackets and rods to provide support for the new ceiling and existing roof structure. Upon completion of all structural work the new plaster ceiling and new decorative crown moldings were installed. The new ceiling was completed in August 2015 and the scaffolding was removed.