Seaboard Weatherproofing & Restoration is a fourth-generation specialty contractor with expertise in exterior façade restoration, waterproofing and reconstruction of parking garages, plazas and other concrete structures. Our approach begins with impeccable planning and unmatched execution, and our craftsmen have experience working with a wide variety of materials.

Our specializations include:

  • Complete exterior building envelope repair and restoration services
  • Curtain wall restoration, caulking and cleaning
  • Concrete reconstruction and structural repairs
  • New York City Local Law 11/98 repairs
  • Façade repairs, replacement of parapet walls, corners and lintels
  • Repair of structural steel, cornices, water tables and architectural ornaments
  • Roofs of all types: liquid applied, sheet membrane, slate, shingles and copper
  • Masonry restoration and preservation of historic buildings
  • Sheet-metal work and cast-iron façade rehabilitation
  • Waterproofing, caulking, flashing, painting and special coatings