Building Materials

At Seaboard, we offer high-quality, award-winning craftsmanship. From brick to stone, terra cotta to concrete, Seaboard provides superior, unparalleled service at a competitive price.

Brick Work: Brick’s classic look and energy-efficient nature make for an appealing aesthetic, but proper maintenance is crucial to keep things structurally sound and looking great. Seaboard’s experts can replace load-bearing lintels, reconstruct parapet walls and façades, re-point brick mortar units, stabilize structures, waterproof walls and restore bricks on all kinds of deficient façade elements.

Natural Stone: The old-world look of stately, stoic stone provides a unique set of maintenance challenges. Specializing in granite, sandstone, limestone and marble, Seaboard thrives at repairing, patching, cleaning, replacing and carving stone details. Seaboard’s craftsmen are highly trained in Dutchmen repairs, re-pointing of mortar joints and consolidation of soft and weathered stone.

Terra Cotta: The rustic look and feel of terra cotta have graced buildings for more than 2,000 years, but when it’s chipped, dirty and eroded, it can take a lot of restoration effort to keep everything looking timeless. One of Seaboard’s many sought-after skills is replacing terra cotta with new or repaired ‘in-situ’ (on the wall) terra cotta through expert patching, pinning, filling, glazing, cleaning and color-matching processes.

Structural Concrete: When it comes to durability and versatility, concrete is tough to beat. But due to the freeze and thaw cycles, surface damage and other sources of strain, even the strong need help to survive. Seaboard has repaired concrete façades on a wide variety of buildings and structures, such as parking garages, decks, balconies, plazas and rooftop runways.

Roofing: No matter how stable the foundation, a building isn’t complete without a strong roof overhead. Seaboard not only offers the standard roof resurfacing and sectional repairing, but also employs rip-and-replace and liquid-applied roof systems.

Specialty Coatings: Often even the thinnest layers of protection can mean the difference between safe structures and costly repairs. Offering long-lasting protection, Seaboard’s coating projects range from waterproofing panels to protection of traffic-bearing surfaces.

Architectural Materials: Quality craftsmanship starts with the best materials. Seaboard’s craftmen are skilled on the use of fiber-reinforced concrete, pre-cast concrete and fiberglass replications of decorative building components, including cornices, gargoyles and finials.

Cast-Iron Façade Restoration: Cast-iron accents lend a familiar look to buildings, but broken and faded segments can make buildings look old and outmoded. Seaboard specialists have experience with off-site stripping, welding, replicating, painting and rehabilitating techniques, plus reconditioning of any structural supports.