Seaboard History

The more than 70-year history of Seaboard Weatherproofing & Restoration Company is marked by quality work, exemplary service and continuous evolution to meet our clients’ changing needs. Today we are widely recognized as a leading façade restoration and waterproofing contractor throughout the New York-metropolitan area. Design professionals and property owners and managers trust Seaboard to provide superior façade restoration and rehabilitation services on even the most challenging projects, including landmarked and historic structures. We remain true to our tradition of providing an array of façade waterproofing services, such as masonry rehabilitation and curtain wall sealant applications, while meeting the rising demand for quality restoration services.

The evolution

Seaboard was founded in 1944 by Richard L. Ahearn Sr. as a waterproofing concern. With the addition of Jed Holtzman to the company a few years later, Seaboard quickly gained a reputation as one of the premier waterproofing companies in the Northeast. The company expanded to include the restoration and repair of all types of façade masonry and also developed expertise in exterior sealants and coatings.

As Seaboard grew, it earned recognition for its masonry craftsmanship and extended into other masonry tasks, including construction of cinderblock walls, interior plaster applications and parking garage restoration. In 1960, Seaboard formed the general contracting firm Ahearn-Holtzman Inc. to address the breadth of clients’ construction needs. Seaboard and Ahearn-Holtzman further expanded into interior renovations. Today, Seaboard and Ahearn-Holtzman continues as a family owned and operated company, welcoming the fourth generation into the business.

The projects

During the 1980s, Seaboard Weatherproofing developed a reputation for historic façade projects including work on 100-year-old brownstone row houses and a major lower Manhattan commercial building that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The expansion from façade waterproofing and rehabilitation heritage into historic preservation and restoration represented a significant step for Seaboard.

Over the years, Seaboard has played an integral role in restoration work at 55 Liberty St, 700 Broadway, the Woolworth Building, The Plaza Hotel, and the Jewish Museum. We are particularly proud of our award-winning work at 90 West Street, which was featured in The New York Times.

Recently we completed the total façade restorations of The Public Theater, The New Amsterdam Theater, and are 4 years into the façade restoration of the original McGraw Hill building on 42nd St (now known as the “Deco Tower”).

The Commitment to Quality and Safety

As jobsite safety has become the focus of our operations, we have recently created the position of Corporate Safety Director for all field operations. Our Safety Director tailors a site safety plan according to the inherent risks involved on each project to mitigate the occurrence of accidents and injuries. Our sterling safety record has substantially lowered our insurance rates making us all the more competitive in our industry.

We continually strive to educate and train our staff and workforce to remain knowledgeable on state of the art developments in our trade.  We at Seaboard are well positioned and ready to meet the future needs of our industry – and the people we serve.