Message From Michael Y. Ahearn

President, Seaboard Weatherproofing and Restoration Company

Thank you for visiting the Seaboard website.  We hope you will take the time to get to know us, read through our achievements and experience, and come back often.

Here at Seaboard, we pride ourselves in developing “Solutions That Go Beyond the Surface.”  Every project should look beautiful and preserve the integrity of the owner’s real estate for generations to come.  That’s a given.  But it’s what lies beyond the surface that makes Seaboard the leader in weatherproofing and historical restoration:  our team, our approach and commitment to remain at the forefront of building envelope and masonry construction methods, materials, and technologies.

  • Every Seaboard project, public or private, benefits from the close personal attention of a hand-selected team with a reputation for being responsive, reliable, and backed-up by four generations of experience.
  • Our approach is collaborative and service-oriented.  We communicate effectively with the entire design and construction team, plan carefully, and work diligently in the field to deliver a high-quality product that meets project specifications and owner expectations.
  • We know our industry inside and out.  Our team brings years of field experience with projects of all size and scope, from complex masonry and curtain wall systems to intricate historical details.  We participate in education and specialty associations to continue building our knowledge of cutting edge materials, technologies, means and methods…all of which we bring to each and every project for our clients’ benefit.

We take great pride in the many prestigious regional and national awards for our work on historic and high-profile projects including The Elephant House at the Bronx Zoo, The Cloisters Museum, 555 Broadway (Scholastic Building), The Plaza Hotel, Eldridge Street Synagogue, the Woolworth Building, 55 Liberty Tower, 90 West Street, among others.

The best way to know if Seaboard is right for your next project is to meet us.  Feel free to contact me personally anytime, because it’s never too early to discuss your building maintenance and restoration concerns.







Michael Y. Ahearn