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Originally opened 1972

Original Design by Morris Ketchum Jr & Associates

The roof consists of 27 cylindrical cages with large skylights in each and flat roof pedestrian common areas. The original asphalt built up roof on the flat roof areas was removed along with a two-inch topping slab down to the structural deck. The existing deck surfaces were scarified to the manufacturer’s requirements and a new liquid-applied Kemper 2K PUR reinforced roof system was installed over all areas. Upon cure of the new membrane all areas received two-inch rigid insulation board overburdened with washed round river rock. A 20-year NDL warranty was issued upon completion. All existing sheet metal individual cage roofs were thoroughly cleaned and a new Kemper V-210 reinforced liquid membrane was applied. All birds were relocated by zookeepers during work on individual cages and returned to their freshly refurbished homes upon completion.

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