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Historic Preservation

12 Eldridge Street, New York, NY 10002

Built in 1887, the Eldridge Street Synagogue was the first grand house of worship built in New York by Eastern European Jews. Aesthetically inspired by Gothic, Romanesque and Moorish styling, the imposing structure had suffered the ravages of time, but Seaboard Weatherproofing & Restoration Company helped restore its beauty and strength.

Before Seaboard Weatherproofing assisted in the restoration process, a nonprofit known as the Eldridge Street Project oversaw the first phase of a 20-year, $12 million restoration effort, completed in 2005. The placement of a new ceremonial finial decoration onto the Eldridge Street Synagogue’s roof marked the official conclusion of this stage.

Seaboard implemented the second phase, beautifying the synagogue’s exterior and façade. To achieve this, Seaboard cleaned the beige brick façade, repointed the masonry, repaired the wooded window surrounds, and restored the tracery of the synagogue’s large terra-cotta center window.

The synagogue’s elaborate façade features a large rose window, elaborate cornices, molded brick work, and Central Gable, along with keyhole-shaped windows that accommodate stained glass. Moorish touches include rounded arches, bell-shaped pinnacles, and intricately carved columns. All were restored by Seaboard.

Although the building’s original seven finials were removed in 1960, Walter Sedovic Architects used rough historic sketches of the originals to design replacements that would maintain the historical and aesthetic integrity of the landmark. For the new finials, Glenridge Fabricators of Queens fabricated the stainless-steel frameworks, onto which Architectural Fiberglass of Long Island installed the decorative fiberglass; Gratz Industries of Queens topped each one with a cast-aluminum Star of David.

The project received the 2008 Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award.


Eldridge Street Synagogue was built in 1887 by Jews from Eastern Europe


Facade, masonry and terra-cotta work at Eldridge Street Synagogue

Start Date: 2007

Project Finished: 2008

Project Highlights:

  • Cleaning a façade that includes elaborate cornices, molded brick, windows of varying sizes, stained glass, rounded arches, bell-shaped pinnacles and carved columns

  • Overseeing fabrication of new finials that maintain architectural and historical integrity


Project Team:

Architect, Walter Sedovic Architects
Armatures, Glenridge Fabricators of Queens
Fiberglass, Architectural Fiberglass of Long Island
Star of David Decorations, Gratz Industries of Queens
Restoration & General Contractor, Seaboard Weatherproofing & Restoration Company

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