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Project Architect:  Ennead Architects

Conservator:  Building Conservation Associates

The façade restoration of The Public Theater at Astor Place reverses decades of unfortunate building interventions, restoring the grandeur of the building and the clarity of its architectural elements. Built in 1853 as the first Astor Library, the original Renaissance Revival building was expanded in 1859 and 1890 to create the current landmark building. In 1966, Joseph Papp saved it from demolition and, as the re-envisioned home of The Public Theater, created six distinct performance venues. The building’s exterior fabric has been meticulously restored. The  façade was thoroughly cleaned, all original deteriorated Portland brownstone trim and band stones patched and repaired and in some extreme cases replaced with new Portland brownstone carved to match original profiles. The face brick façade at the front of the building had pulled away from its substrate in many areas and required pinning and grouting to stabilize this condition.  Brick mortar joints were cut and repointed 100% with custom tinted mortar to match original.

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